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From pricing structure and levels of care, to your admission staff and procedures, we evaluate and propose: training; improving your software and processes; and new client payment policies, for a better bottom line.



Are you 'live answering?' Once the call is answered, admissions conversion rates come from intensive training, the encouragement for longer lengths of stay and Financial Treatment Plans.



Admissions can't convert if the phone doesn't ring. Who's referring, what referral support is in place and how attractive and compelling is your web site?

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How can we help?

  • Consult on pricing structure on level-of-care for both private pay and insurance clients.
  • Determine differentiators and develop marketing strategy for client and referent attraction.
  • Enhance and strengthen web presence including optimization.
  • Develop Admission department staff strategy to maximize ‘live-answer’ coverage.
  • Encourage and nurture cooperation and partnership with referents. 
  • Increase Admission staff conversion rate by customizing our Admission Conversion Training Program and Workbook to facilitate department training program.
  • Evaluate and propose appropriate software for client management and Clinical/Medical documentation for client care and UR: CRM, Admissions, Intake, EHR/EMR and UR.
  • Advance the concept of extending client average-length-of-stay at initial point of sale.
  • Establish a program to bolster a much longer length-of-stay and overcome “initial length-of-stay payments” with insurance dependent clients. 
  • Originate a method of a Financial Treatment Plans for each client/family. 
  • Initiate sales environment with no discounting to insure ‘pricing integrity.’
  • Training Admissions and Outreach staff to facilitate effective initial appointment and tours for prospective clients and referents.
  • Manage and assist any department conversion from paper charts and other paperwork to Electronic Health Records, and CRM software, etc.
  • Determine need for daily informational Census for all in-house and corporate Staff.
  • Institute reporting all monthly and annual KPI’s.
  • Develop client payment policy for Admissions Intake and manage all client admission and extension payments.


Advance/Literate in MS Office (WORD, Excel, Power Point, Publisher, Outlook), Salesforce, Other CRM’s, QuickBooks, Electronic Health Records, Contact Software, Personal and Small Business Accounting, CallRail, RingDNA, Dropbox, BOX, Adobe Acrobat Pro (including forms), eFax, Google Docs.

Provide in house training and maintenance of KIPU – creation of all in house forms in ‘Consent Forms and Evaluations’ for all departments.


Our client list is confidential.